Interview with Pragya-

Pragya Singh Sharda University Food and Science Technology Students

Pragya Singh – Silent Listener with Thoughtful mind

Pragya Singh is student of M.Sc. Food Science and technology in Sharda University. She has completed her graduation in B.Sc.(H)Food Technology. One can best describe her as a silent gesture who only opens her mouth to speak the ultimate. She lives in Noida. She can best described as a studious girl by others.– Let’s start with the very first thing that pops up in our mind. Is it true that you really study whole day?

Pragya– It is actually practically impossible for someone to study entire day and as for me the answer is “absolutely not true”. People don’t see me studying or engaged with books entire time, it’s just that I don’t like wasting time while you have lot of stuff to be done . So I actually keep suggesting others to finish off with the current stuff to save time for enjoyment later on.– Why do you remain silent mostly?

Pragya-A silent mind gives useful thoughts. Although it is not that I remain silent always but others feel it that way because I prefer to listen first to people opinion then give my views on the concerned subject. When you listen to diverse people you might understand their perspective of thinking which will diversify your vision of looking at a situation– Are you enjoying your current status of achievements?

Pragya– It can’t be said exactly about my achievements because there is a long road ahead and I haven’t exactly achieved my goals. I have a long list of things to lay my hands on. I don’t want to miss any opportunity that goes through my way.– What is your definition of success?

Pragya– My definition of success is not just having a job in one hand and house in another. It is internal satisfaction of mind that I am looking for in any courier that I choose. According to me one can say that he/she has achieved success when your entire life’s goal is completed and you have no more dreams to fulfill. Which is never possible because one can never stop dreaming.– How are you feeling in Lockdown?

Pragya– At the starting all of us were desperately waiting for it’s opening which is happening slowly thankfully. We have seen the worse time when neither anything was delivered door-to-door nor we were able to go out.

It felt like a jail and news was flooded with negativity all around. Now still the situation has not improved but the life is slowly returning to new normal which gives light of hope to our hearts. I am trying to utilize my time well by engaging in various webinars, courses so as to make the maximum out of this time. Also, when your mind is engaged you are less desperate and home no more feels like a cage.– Why are you Interested in Digital Marketing?

Pragya– It is need of the hour to not be just educated but acquire skills relevant to your field and digital marketing is one platform which spares no field untouched. Rather it is an entire sector in itself.



Copyrights– How can you contribute back to society?

Pragya– Contribution can be small or big depending upon ones capabilities & position but small contributions are the one who are most effective and long lasting. Right now as a student and youth of nation in this epidemic time, it is our responsibility to take charge and help everyone to fight against covid-19 by keeping hygiene at upmost level.

We are the consumer who play an important role in ensuring hygienic conditions maintained by industrialists as our choice is the driving force for their setting of norms for better sale.

As an individual I can contribute to my nation by simply primarily respecting my nation from the heart and whatever work I do should in no way cause any harm to humanity.– Are you a job seeker or creator?

Pragya- I would love to be a job creator as it will create employment and be honored but before starting off with anything I am more of a person who takes calculated risk. So having a good job experience and knowledge about the area is must before going for a business.