Delhi University Student Simran Sankla Interview-

Interview with Simran Sankla

Simran Sankla – Quick Learner & Creative Mind

Interview with Simran Sankla– Tell us little bit about yourself?

Simran: Hello everyone! My name is Simran Sankla. Right now i am working as a digital marketing intern with Myentranceexam team. Along with that i am also preparing for the management entrance exam.

I have completed my graduation  from shaheed rajguru college applied science for women, Delhi University in hons food technology. In my graduation i always tried to come out my comfort zone by organizing and volunteering various cultural event. During my college time only i realized that i have more propensity toward management work which help me to strive toward my career.

Interview with Simran Sankla– What are your biggest strength?

Simran: My biggest strength is my dedication and honesty toward any work i will give my hundred percent.  I am always more focus on my quality of work rather than focussing on result. I believe result is the only outcome of our work that we do in that certain given time.– What are your hobbies?

Simran: I always eager to learn new things. But in my free time  i love to watch movies, do some painting or reading books, whatever excites me at that moment.

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Simran: No, this is totally new experience to me and i really enjoying my work. There are lots of new things to learn every single day in digital marketing that i never get bored.– How do you  prioritize your work?

Simran: I always priortize my work according to the given set of time period. But still If some work is urgent and need to be done asap so i will do that work first leaving all the other work aside for few hours.