Biotechnology Medical Student Anjali Interview :

Anjali Interview Biotechnology Student

“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”

Anjali Interview: Hello! Will you introduce yourself to readers?

Anjali : Hey!  My name is Anjali Tomar and i am a first year Biotech student : So, Anjali where are you from?

Anjali : My native place is in Mainpuri,  Uttar Pradesh but i have been living and was raised in Sonipat, Haryana : Tell us about yourself Anjali; what are your strengths, weakness, your goals, hobbies etc.

Anjali : Okay I’ll answer one by one

Strength: I am determined towards everything i decide to achieve. Thoughts like I’ll be successful or not do not bothers me. I believe in working and not thinking about the results

  • Weaknesses: I am emotional sometimes and people influence me very easily.
  • Goals: i am looking forward to be a clinical nutritionist
  • Hobbies: i love to read books and to know more and more about spirituality. I believe both in science Nd spirituality : You are a reader! What genres do you prefer to read the most and why?

Anjali : My favorite genre is Self help or say Personal Development. Because it allows to know better about my own self : That’s nice, so do you have any favourite Authors?

Anjali : Yes Louise Hay and Mark Manson are my current favorite. : Those are some good authors and their books are indeed quite intriguing. You said you wanted to be a clinical nutritionist, how do you plan on helping out people and how did you decide to become one?

Anjali : The book by Louise hay ‘You can heal your life’  made me realize that a lot of our physical health is affected by what we eat and think but in the allopathic medicine the focus is just on the physical well being like curing the body with drugs and medications but need is to make changes in the lifestyle and mental health. So to bring out a change and to heal people would satisfy me.

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Anjali :I wish to work independently, Working with hospitals comes with terms and conditions, That wouldn’t help my patients. : Nice! All the best to you

Anjali : Thank you!

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